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All the tools to manage your websites, analyze performance and more are on one easy-to-use VPS dashboard. Game Ready Drivers provide the best possible gaming experience for all major games. Whether you want to host just a couple of sites or fifty, having one single location to manage them can save you time and money in the long run.

SLA Uptime Calculator

Keep your website running smoothly with a business hosting company that guarantees you good uptime, fast load times and easy setup. Once you outgrow the traffic allowance on shared hosting, you can easily upgrade to their VPS and dedicated server options. But make no mistake — unmanaged public cloud hosting is DIY hosting. Both of the mentioned support multiple websites, it is just a matter how much capacity do you need.

Bluehost provides you with everything you need to create your own website, including a free domain, free SSL certificate, access to popular apps via Mojo Marketplace-powered system and automated WordPress setup. Modern customer support isn’t the same thing as customer service , although it employs customer service techniques.

This protocol allows you to not only access your email over the internet from multiple devices, but also tasks, calendars, and contact information tethered to that email address. Hostinger is technically a budget host, but you wouldn’t know it from their level of service.

The Redmond giant has confirmed that Windows 11.1 will be the next biannual update that its popular operating system will receive, and that its launch will occur during the second quarter of 2021. Ultifree Hosting is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Tip: Use the free uptime calculator to see how downtime affects your SLA statistics. Hosting a website involves a web server that is designed to serve your website files to visitors over the world wide web. The cheapest plans offer a lot of features that are enough for smaller sites.

We all have our own personal examples of great customer support experiences – and not-so-great ones too, unfortunately. Their last 12-month average load time is an amazing 267 ms and uptime 99.97%. When you move your domain, the remaining time you had left with your old registrar is automatically included.

OneDrive provides real-time continuous data protection while the highest File History backup frequency can only be every 10 minutes. As a matter of fact, NameCheap offers a 100% uptime guarantee which is almost impossible even for the top hosting providers. We provide detailed overviews on various hosting providers, tutorias, tools, different articles and webmaster beginner’s guides.


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Dengan membuat website, Anda akan membangun eksistensi online. AMD processors are known for their strong multi-core performance and affordability, making them excellent for multitasking and heavy load tasks. Both Bluehost Plus and Choice Plus plans are priced similarly as they both cost you $5.45 per month. Bluehost has a vast knowledge base consisting of articles, guides and how-to’s that can answer to all your questions regarding your web hosting account. It provides comprehensive tools to millions of users worldwide, and its web hosting services power over two million websites.

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Kaby Lake also features the first overclocking-enabled i3-branded CPU. For all hosting types, you’ll want to look for SSL certificates, CDNs, firewalls, and attack protection. Some tasks, like gaming, benefit more from a few fast cores than an increased number of them. The process can be a little tedious – especially if you are running on a lot of email addresses. Founded in 2006, Weebly has become one of the most popular site builders around with more than 50 million customers globally.

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