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7 Strategies to Create a Website That Attracts Customers

Whether you’re building a website for your online store or blogging, the bottom line is to have a website that attracts customers.

Here is a compilation of strategies that will help your website grow and channel more traffic.

1. Fast web hosting performance

Even with an award-winning visual design for your website, a website with poor performance is equally as bad as a poorly designed one.

The starting point of attracting customers to your website is to get the right web hosting.

Websites that are constantly unavailable or respond slowly turn away many customers because they want faster responses.

If you’re looking to get web hosting that is fast and reliable I would suggest that you read reviews about telecom companies.

A good place to start is by reading some reviews about smart hosting.

If you find their web services reviews positive you may decide to purchase their services if not always remember that it’s possible to change your web hosting provider.

You can also say the extra cost by getting your services and the right time especially where there are animal cells like during November when many Telecom providers run their Black Friday deal.

2. Optimize your website

The reason why some websites get faster search recommendations from search engines is because of how well that website has been optimized.

Search engine optimisation is a digital marketing strategy that many businesses employ to get their website to appear on the top pages of search engines.

There are many aspects of search engine optimization including keyword research, content writing, backlinking and many more.

Essentially the more relevance a search engine can create from your website the better your chances of appearing on the top pages.

When your website is ranked higher the more organic traffic you get and the more organic traffic you have the higher your chances of getting prospective clients.

3. Visual design

Visual design is how your website appears, the theme, and the general outlook of the website.

Choosing calm colors is a better option than traditional bright all solid colors.

When you’re also dealing with the visual design of your website, look at the fonts, images, and textures.

You want your website to be aesthetic and something many people will enjoy looking at.

4. Website responsiveness

Another thing to check on is how responsive your website is period by website responsiveness I mean the adaptability of your website design to different devices.

Do you give your customers the same experience when they are using their mobile phones to access your website like accessing the website from a desktop device?

These flexible visuals are what contribute to better website responsiveness.

5. Have compelling content

A visually appealing website alone is not what will make customers drive-in in multitudes but the quality and quantity of content.

There are two aspects of content worth discussing;

  • Quality content – in this sense quality content means content that has not only been written in a top-notch manner but also has adhered to all the SEO strategies to build relevant content.
  • Quantity content – not so many people are up for the idea of having too much content but a greater picture of it especially for startups having a lot more to offer increases your chances of getting an initial breakthrough.

A combination of both quality content and quantity content is what will set your website up for a good start.

6. Interactiveness/animation

One other thing that attracts customers to websites is how interactive a website is.

Using animations on your website makes it aesthetically pleasing and it gives it a very expensive appeal.

There are so many animations and interactiveness you can use for your website you just have to pick the one that best matches your theme.

Some of the elements you may want to look at include;

  • Rolling animation
  • Emphasis animation elements
  • Fading
  • Bouncing actions
  • Spinning

The benefit of using animations in your website is that it long was the bouncing rates of your website by keeping visitors for longer.

Not only are people intrigued by the various animated features within your website, but it also encourages more revisits.

7. Crisp and clean pages and navigation

Pay attention to the navigation of pages within your website.

Part of your SEO strategy will include internal linking where you link other resources within your website.

You can only achieve this when you have clean pages and crisp navigation from one point of the website to another.